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Futures of public participation? Meet The Practitioners

Mounting awareness of the limitations of top-down forms of public organisation is generating an explosion of interest in public participation.

To contribute to the on-going debate about these developments, we have teamed up with openDemocracy.net to publish a series of interviews that examine developments in contemporary public participation from the perspective of those who are responsible for organising them – we call them The Practitioners.

We’ve written a short introduction to our guest feature. Today (Monday) openDemocracy also publish our first interview, which is with 38 degrees. The other six interviews (with UK Uncut, Complaints Choirs, UDecide and others) will be published between tomorrow and Friday.

For those working to creatively anticipate and realise futures that are both more public and more participative, we hope you will find these interviews as interesting as we do.

These interviews are published as part of a project called Participation Now, which is a new Open University web platform that hosts debate and an accessible and expanding collection of over 120 of the most creative examples of contemporary publicparticipation and engagement initiatives.

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