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‘Occupy Publishing’

Beginning to catch up on more of the recent debates about ‘open access’ publishing (for another thoughtful discussion on this, see here; see also here). In relation to the Creating Publics project these debates highlight issues about the mediation and control of the means of publicity; as well as set of perennial questions around the construction of academic authority, public reputation and ‘quality’. Given the links increasingly being forged in these discussions with repertoires of contemporary global activism, these debates can also be situated amongst a wider set of political discussions (see for example here) about relationships between knowledge production, publicness and ‘public’ ownership and control. If the pressure to change orthodox academic publishing practices continues to build, so the pressure to prototype and test-out new publishing models will also increase. In this context, it becomes more be important for the Creating Publics project to reflect on some of the varied ways that emerging experiments in this area imagine and go about working to mediate/create the publics of academic publishing; as well as how such experiments might be taken up, negotiated or resisted by existing players and publics in this field. The idea of ‘occupying’ publishing is very suggestive in and of itself, not least in terms of how the space of publishing and publicity is being imagined in this formulation.

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