Welcome to the forum for news and on-going discussion related to The Open University, Centre for Citizenship, Identities and Governance (CCIG) project Creating Publics [an Open University project funded until 2015].

Aim of Creating Publics project:

The aim of the Creating Publics project is to re-conceptualize public engagement in an age of emergent publics.


•To interrogate the efficacy of different pre-existing and emerging frameworks for conceptualizing the publics of public engagement;

•To operationalise and test-out new ways of understanding the public in public engagement by experimenting with digital scholarship;

•To deliver this project in a way that has relevance, by: connecting the project to wider debates about the mediation of contemporary publics, the changing character of public institutions, forms of public belonging and public life; by involving academic colleagues in the debate; and, by  collaborating with others using digital experiments;

•To disseminate the results of this process on an ongoing basis to academic audiences and other groups active in the area of public engagement with research.

The Creating Publics project has been devised and is led by (Open University Research Fellow) Nick Mahony. This three-year (2012-2014) project emerges out and in relation to collective work undertaken under the auspices of CCIG’s Publics Research Programme. One strand of this project is resourced by the three-year RCUK funded ‘Catalyst‘ project. This funds  (Open University Research Associate) Hilde Stephansen who has (since January 2013)  also been deeply involved in the development of this project. The Creating Publics project is also developing new connections with colleagues at McGill and elsewhere, as a result of the ESRC funded ‘International Networking and Partnership’ project ‘making publics across time and space’.

If you have any questions about Creating Publics or would like to be put on the mailing list for regular updates or details of forthcoming events, please contact nick.mahony[at]gmail.com

Follow the Creating Publics via twitter @CreatingPublics

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