CFP: Creating Publics; Creating Democracies

In collaboration with Sue Pell of Goldsmiths College’s Centre for Global Media and Democracy and Liza Griffin of University of Westminster’s Centre for the Study of DemocracyJohn Clarke, Clive Barnett and me (in our role as members of CCIG’s Publics Research Programme) are helping organise a two-day workshop on the theme of ‘Creating Publics; Creating Democracies’, to be held in Central London on June 18-19 2012. The Creating Publics project has emerged in part through the on-going collective work of CCIG’s Publics Research Programme, of which I’m still a member. See here for details of other members, past events, activities and publications generated by this research group. Further details about this workshop and call for papers available here.


One thought on “CFP: Creating Publics; Creating Democracies

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